About Tati

Tatiana Salvator is a native of Brazil. She came to the United States in 1994 to learn English and practice Kung Fu.

At one point in her life, she switched to yoga as a way to address back injuries sustained doing Kung Fu. She took to it immediately, and a profound love for yoga was born when she was pregnant with her first son. Today, Tatiana is a certified yoga instructor, working at different studios around the Bay Area.

In 1997 while waiting for her students to arrive, she got a marker and started sketching a lotus flower on the back of her yoga mat. That evening, she got some acrylic paint and turned the sketch into a painted yoga mat. Her students loved the work, and that mat is now 14 years old, the colors remain vivid, and Tati still practices yoga on it. Tati has received many requests from students to create hand painted yoga mats, and it’s here she now focuses her creative energies.

Tati tends to look on the bright side of life, and is drawn to the spiritual side of all things. She expresses this through yoga, whose mantra of “Namaste” means “the spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you.” Her canvases take the unusual form of yoga mats, rocks, music amps and instruments and even mouse-pads, and the work she creates in these “media” reflect her deep love of yoga, and her use of vibrant color reflects her finding beauty in everyday things.


Tati’s 1st Hand Painted Yoga Mat


Below are some of the other artwork Tatiana enjoys creating, click on thumbnails for larger view.

Hand Painted Rocks

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